“You cannot be everything to everyone. If you decide to go north, you cannot go south at the same time.” - Jeroen De Flander

A Clear Strategy Points Your Path to Success
Agile is a fantastic way to build things.  Agile without Strategy is a fantastic way to build things nobody wants.  A small upfront investment in strategic processes at the start of a project is a great way to step away from pre-conceived notions of what will work and validate your thinking against logical constraints and actual customer feedback.  Typical strategic engagements include:

New Product Development
Still working on finding the perfect Product/Market fit? NPD is a formalized test and learn process designed to quickly narrow in on the product features best suited to a given market.  Together we’ll construct a valuable process for assessing market opportunities, developing one or more minimally viable product iterations, testing these iterations against your target audiences,  and learning from the results.

Go-To-Market Strategy
A Go-To-Market plan is an integrated strategic plan incorporating both the Product and Marketing disciplines.  GTMs are great for explicitly defining and documenting a company’s mission and for maintaining clarity of vision through challenges, setbacks, and pivots.  At their most basic – GTMs typically define your specific target audience, this audience’s needs, how your product will addresses these needs, product promotional strategies, and product pricing and sales channels.

Business Model Development
You’ve found a product solution that fits a clear market need – now it’s time to figure out how you’ll make money.  Leveraging my 15 years experience in advertising and digital services – together we’ll explore a wide range of income-generating options for your business including but not limited to B2B/B2C sales, free/freemium/paid services, subscription services, and advertising funded businesses models.

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