“10% of businesses fail due to technical problems – 90% fail because they don’t find a market and customers” - Steve Blank

Customer Development is Essential to Success
Effective customer development is essential to businesses of all sizes.  Experienced in-house marketing staff however, are very expensive and tie-up valuable resources that could often be better used for growth.

Early stage companies are focused on shipping product, with little time to focus on building out an initial audience.  Expert marketing guidance is hugely beneficial at this stage, but the last thing any startup needs is an expensive full-time marketing lead eating up runway.

Small/Medium Businesses
SMBs typically have an existing marketing team in-place, but these teams could usually benefit from expert guidance and updated training on the latest strategies and tactics.

Let my expert marketing consulting services be your solution. My 15+ years of performance marketing experience is the perfect tool to elevate your company to the next stage in its development path.  Possible engagement types include:

Interim Marketing Executive
Bring me onboard to manage your full marketing programs for a limited time-period.  This is a great way for early-stage companies to get access to Fortune 500 level marketing expertise, without the large financial commitments.

Customer Development Systems
Working together we’ll design and build the first iteration of your customer development platform.   Includes media planning and execution, creative copy development, marketing automation systems, analytics, and all the training needed to make your teams self-sufficient and able to grow. Build the foundational marketing processes and systems that will lead to scalable growth.

Marketing Team Training
Hands-on training designed to quickly get your existing staff up to speed on the latest cutting-edge marketing tactics. Teach your teams to market like the Fortune 500 – without the Fortune 500 budget. Focus is on high-efficiency tactics such as programmatic media, social media, retargeting, lead nurturing, paid search, email, and content marketing/SEO.

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